Products we do

Working with high-end brands has driven our competence in manufacturing of all technical garments from 1st layer, midlayers to softshells and light woven garments.

We are making products for ski, cycling, fitness, running, yoga, golf, sailing and many other sports.

Our product development team are specialist in Active Sportswear with strong understanding of construction, materials and sewing technology.

OUR TechnologIES

Our own factories in Vietnam, Lithuania and Belarus are specialized to deliver high-end qualities and a best-in-class delivery performance.

We have a large range of special machines from flatlocks, seam sealing, automatic quilting, laser cut, bonding/press, print and embrodery.

black belt in fabrics

Our sourcing teams in Lithuania and Vietnam have a true 'black belt' in functional fabrics. Through our large network of suppliers in Europe and Asia we support our costumers with new ideas. We also handle nominated suppliers.

global one-stop-shopping

Whether your products fit our Vietnam production or European production all the process are identic. You will get the same LTP service. You can run fast runners and smaller quantity from Europe (Lithuania) and bulk orders from FarEast (Vietnam) in a one-stop-shopping solution.