It’s a family business

When Inga Bagonaite-Katiliene says that LTP is one big happy family, she knows what she’s talking about. Almost everybody in Inga’s family works for one of LTPs business units.

When there is a family gathering at Inga's place, LTP is strongly represented around the table.

“My mother, brother and his girlfriend all work at LTP. My brother doesn’t want to talk about work, but my mother and I always do. We know the same people, so it’s nice”, says Inga.

Started with mother
It all started over 20 years ago. Inga's mother took her to work - and when Inga was older she took a summer job at the plant.

“When I was in school I got a job at the factory. It was nothing special. I put labels on the clothes and packed boxes. But I loved it because the atmosphere was so good”, says Inga.

Growing with LTP
After school, Inga went to university, where she studied public administration. When she was finished she was offered a job at LTP as an administrator.

“I’ve had quite a ride here at LTP. I started on the factory floor and now I have become an account manager. When I was a girl the factory was not so big. Now LTP has grown and so have I. I guess you could say that I have grown with LTP”.

A very large family
LTP has been a great group with + 1,200 employees and many factories around the world. But Inga still believes there is a special unity in LTP.

“We have a very special spirit here at LTP. We help each other and there is a lot of respect for each person. So it is like a big family. My second family - and let's see. Perhaps my 3 year-old daughter will joint LTP”, says Inga.

Inga works together with her mother i LTP - it's a family business.

Inga works together with her mother i LTP - it's a family business.