Is your supply-chain prepared for the required CSR standards?

“Working close with both customers and suppliers is the backbone of our CSR strategy,” CSR manager, Aurelija Juozapaitiene, says.

Audit and green promotion
“Last month we made a large audit together with one of our major clients. We visited all main suppliers to discuss improvements,” Aurelija says and continues; “With the suppliers, we create green promotion programs – so we know, where we are, and we have clear visions of how to improve. I love the mix of technical know-how and being innovative, and it’s great to work in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers in this area.”

“Reducing our environmental footprint is my passion,” Aurelija says, “At LTP we meet our customer wishes in using a large number of different materials, but we always make sure that those materials do not contain compounds that are harmful to the environment. Our aim is to use only environmentally friendly materials and avoid environmentally unfriendly technological processes. When we do the audits, we control this against the latest version of REACH regulations, and we support the customers to keep the documentation on this. We believe this is creating important value for them.”

Walk the talk
We are also working with an audit program internally. Aurelija explains:

“At LTP we are not just focusing on meeting regulatory requirements –  many other environmental initiatives have been launched; e.g. we handle packaging with minimal impact on the environment and a rational use of natural resources, and we strive to lessen waste and carefully sort and recycle whenever possible. We also educate our employees about pollution prevention and support them in their individual contribute to the company's goals in environmental protection.”

“In 2014 we were FSC certificated. FSC - The Forest Stewardship Council – is an independent international network promoting the responsible management of the world’s forests. Reducing the depletion of natural resources, it is not only a matter of showing social responsibility – but it also makes common business sense; the furniture industry, in general, has an apparent interest in eliminating deforestation.”

“Our vision is to be the best production partner for contract furniture in Europe and as part of that vision, we are continuously building a greener profile. I’m really burning for that idea,” Aurelija ends.

Can we help you?
To secure that furniture is produced on an environmentally responsible platform, LTP is using the guidelines from and furniture produced by LTP is to a large extent listed here.

Aurelija is Master of Science and Ph.D. from Kaunas University. She is a specialist in environmental and energy projects with experience from research projects at universities in Sweden and Finland and from managing environmental and energy projects in the private sector.

To take the dialogue on your company's environmental and CSR ideas and needs please, get in touch with Aurelija. 

Lina is responsible for some of the largest clients in LTP and in her spare time she find balance in yoga.