Shifting you fashion brand to functional and high-tech collections?

In July 2016, Laurent Potdevin, CEO of Lululemon told CNBC in an exclusive interview, that "the athleisure bubble will pop” and that “the companies, that are not in it for the right reasons, will go away.” He also mentioned that "many fashion companies simply do not have the technical mindset."

As production partner for functional brands, we recognize this picture.

So how do fashion brands get truly functional?

“You need to rethink your supply chain. Function is different from fashion. To honor the quality standards signaled by your brand when you shift your collection into new dimensions and product groups, you need a fresh look at your supplier's ecosystem” says Alex Ingildsen, CCO at LTP Group, and continues:

“First, it's about fabric sourcing. The market may seem unwieldy, but having a knowledgeable partner will give you a head start. Second, to work with functional fabrics, you need an elaborate skill set in the product development and manufacturing process. Again, having a partner who's at home with the technical requirements of functional garment manufacturing will help you put you in the lead.”

With LTP you get access to more than 300 functional fabric suppliers along with the capacity to know who is who and what fits what. Furthermore, LTP has mastered the specifics of manufacturing high-quality functional garments and strive to stay ahead with the latest technical developments. Show the market that you are into athleisure and high-tech for real and find the right partners.

Jacket in gold tape, laser cut, bonding, final garment washing

Jacket in gold tape, laser cut, bonding, final garment washing