100% biodegradeable wool - innovation styles by LTP

In need for innovative inspiration?

At LTP, we want to inspire our customers. We have great experiences, and partners that are specialized and have great know-how within their industries. LTP want to use these competences to bring innovative and new ideas to the table when discussing development with our customers.


"Talking about innovative techniques, fabrics and trimming is not always enough to inspire designer and buyers, LTP is therefore always creating innovation styles, which are presented in Performance days in Munich and in our showrooms in Lithuania - these innovation styles are based on several innovative fabrics, trimmings and sewing technologies", tells CCO Alex Ingildsen, LTP Group.

The base fabric is Italien and 100% recycled polyester. A super light weight woven fabric with very soft cotton touch and eco friendly water repellent treatment. The fabric is quilted with British manufacturer HD wool patented 100% HD Wool? Active Insulation TM, a 100% genuinely natural, renewable, bio-gradable British wool.

To create visibility the show piece has been added decorative chameleon 3D transfers, which are color changing, both at the back and in the front. 




The innovation style is a winter jacket and pants for women, and is entirely made of new and innovative components - both fabrics and trimmings, and at the same time the garment is cut and sewn with new technologies.

The inserts and side details are Danish Thygesen & Birk Fabrics′s innovative Sportwool Spacer, a spacer fabric made of two layers of a merino bland with sustainable tencel, and a durable polyester monofiber in between to create the 3D effect and give the fabric properties such as pressure distribution, 4-way stretch and moisture transfer.


The quilted patterns are made with innovative computerized program, which allows the designer to choose the design and have extra padding added to more sensitive areas on the design. The extra padding is here added to the back  and elbows to insulate the wearer even better. On top, we have also used Clean Cut finishing, which allows the fabric edges to be prepared before quilting.

At LTP, we value our collaborations highly, as these new ideas to emerge and gives our customers new inspiration.'

LTP's latest innovation styles will be presented at Performance Days in Munich as well as at LTP's head-quarters in Lithuania


About Thygesen & Birk Fabrics

Thygesen & birk Fabrics is Danish and one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of innovative, trendy and high quality fabrics. With over 50 years of experience, knowledge and passion Thygesen & Birk Fabrics develop and produce high quality circular knitted and warp knitted fabrics.

About HD Wool

HDWool? is the innovations division of H. Dawson Wool, international wool suppliers. Founded in 1888, H. Dawson Wool is a global leader in supply of the finest to the coarsest wool from 35 countries. Our products include noble fibres, greasy wool, scoured wool, wool tops and wool web that are transformed at carefully selected processing partners in strategic global locations.

About LTP

LTP is a Danish-owned garment manufacturer for 60+ premium brands within active sportswear, outdoor, athleisure and sustainable fashion. LTP was established in 1991 and is probably the biggest functional garment manufacturer in Europe with bluesign setups in Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Vietnam. 

LTP consists of two divisions; LTP Garment and LTP Contract Furniture producing in ten fully-owned factories