How come CSR still is a subject high on the agenda for brand and supply chain managers? Probably because too many in the textile industry still have a too loose hand on the subject.

In this spirit how will the textile industry be able to guarantee sustainability to both consumers and environment? We asked this question to CSR manager in LTP Group, Aurelija Juozapaitiene.

“The fundamentals for a successful CSR policy are two things. First of all the ownership behind the suppliers most be committed to a zero-tolerance CSR policy. As a supplier in this industry the market constantly challenges you, and if your CSR policy is not 100% part of your DNA, you will make compromises. Secondly, a close cooporation between customers and suppliers is the backbone. You need to integrate the CSR policies into your partnership and work together creating real improvements.”

“In LTP we have a two-string strategy. Let me explain: On one hand, we are running the most rigid audits and certificates in the industry. We are Bluesign CERTIFICATED? in both Lithuania and Vietnam. The BlueSign? standard is a comprehensive production control system designed to limit the impact of textile manufacturing on human health and the environment. In Vietnam, we also have a yearly audit by Fair Wear Foundation in Social compliance. On top of this, we passed the Danish Embassy’s CRS audit in August. I’m proud to be part of a company that tolerates no compromises.”

Aurelia continues: “The other part of our CSR strategy is to deliver real improvement on the environment and working conditions. Reducing the environmental footprint is my passion,” Aurelija says, “At LTP we meet our customer wishes in using many different materials, but we always make sure that those materials do not contain compounds that are harmful to the environment. Our aim is to use only environmentally friendly materials and avoid environmentally unfriendly technological processes. When we do the audits, we control this against the latest version of REACH regulations, and we support the customers to keep the documentation on this. We believe this is creating important value for them.”

"I am very proud that all units of LTP group are improving the working conditions. For example, in our Vietnam factory, all employees working for 24 months have additional health insurance, and I think it is not only amazing but very helpful and useful as well."

“Our vision is to be the best production partner for garments brands, and as part of that vision, we are continuously building a greener and safer company. I’m really burning for that idea,” Aurelija ends.

Aurelija is Master of Science and Ph.D. from the Kaunas University of Technology. She is a specialist in environmental and energy projects with experience from research projects at universities in Sweden, Finland, USA and from managing environmental and energy projects in the private sector.

To take the dialogue on your company's environmental and CSR ideas and needs please, get in touch with Aurelija. 

CSR manager in LTP Group, Aurelija Juozapaitiene

CSR manager in LTP Group, Aurelija Juozapaitiene