NEW computerized embroidery/quilting machine - design any pattern of quilt

In LTP, we dare to invest in new technologies in order to offer the most technical solutions in design to our customers.

LTP have recently launched a computerized embroidery/quilting machine to our factories in Lithuania and in Vietnam. Compared with standard embroidery machines this one has larger working area, and can combine different layers of fabric and padding. Compared with standard quilting machine this one gives possibility to design any pattern of quilt. By using this technology, we could bring special elements to garments, and in this way to support brand’s identity creating mental associations, increasing familiarity and helping differentiate from other products or brands.

The computerized embroidery/quilting machine have the following advantages:     

  • Flexibility and large working area

  • Higher working speed with precision pattern

  • Free to design any pattern, no limitation

  • Design congruence (symmetric) on two front garment’s parts

  • Best on even surface and bottom sewing stitch quality

  • Automatic thread trimmer

  • Suitable for thin/middle thickness material, stable stitch quality

  • Applications – Garments parts (collar, flap, cuff, etc.), padding jacket


LTP do the following technologies:

Laser cutting, taping, bonding, standard embroidery, quilting embroidery, sublimation, printing, embossing, washing,

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Youtube video from computerized embroidery quilting machine  Click here

Youtube video from computerized embroidery quilting machine Click here