New state- of-the-art factory

Watch the video from our new factory in Vietnam

In March LTP opened a brand new factory in Ho Chi Minh City. 15.000 m2 are now ready for production of high-end functional garments.

“We strongly believe in Vietnam as an attractive production location for functional garments and are now ready for the next big step”, tells Nomeda Kaucikiene, director for LTP Vietnam.

LTP’s story in Vietnam goes back to 2008: “When we opened our first factory in Vietnam some years ago, we understood that the technical skills in Vietnam are very high. What we saw was missing, was factories that was not only orientated toward large order with simple style, but more flexible and service oriented units. This is what most European brands was missing from Asia”, Nomeda explains.

LTP has been growing fast over the last 5 years, and this year we opened a new factory.

“From our new factory we can now offer the same product range from 1st layer, midlayers to softshells and light woven garments in both Lithuania and Vietnam. We can continue to grow with our high-end brand customer,
and welcome in new clients. We have a fantastic team work with our
customers from product development and sourcing of materials to

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