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POC is a Swedish company with head office in beautiful Stockholm. It was founded in 2005 and made its first entry addressing the ski racing market. POC focused - and still does - on improving ski racing safety. This focus POC has carried on into the cycling apparel market, which they entered with their first road bike collection AVIP in 2014. POC’s mission is ‘to do the best we possibly can to save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists’. Product Manager Amanda Dahll?f says: “Our mission is always the starting point for our product development, to try to reduce accidents whether it is in the ski slopes or while biking mountain bike (MTB) or road”.

“We need the highest level of production facilities when producing our apparel and LTP tick all the boxes” Amanda Dahll?f. Product Manager POC

Resistance Pro DH shorts produced by LTP

Resistance Pro DH shorts produced by LTP

To achieve this, POC has become a very technical brand with a lot of effort and research in the development of very technical apparel. Today, POC is established in 25 countries ands stands as one of the highest ranked brands in the cycling apparel market. 

MTB apparel is a big part of the brand's turnover in cycling apparel. MTB apparel has many features, e.g., breathability, free movement on the bike, and resistance against tear, snagging and abrasion. All these features make MTB apparel technically demanding. And therefore, POC has chosen to work with LTP. “We need the highest level of production facilities, when producing our MTB apparel and LTP tick all the boxes” Amanda Dahll?f says. 

For LTP it is a real scoop to work with a brand like POC. “The MTB segment is of great significance to us, and it is a great challenge to work with POC, because we get to operate with all the technical refinements” Alex Ingildsen says.  

“They are not just producing, they really engage in the process" Amanda Dahll?f, Product Manager POC

One of the products that are made by LTP is the Resistance Pro DH Shorts. The shorts look quite simple but are actually a very technically construction with an extensive range of different fabrics with different properties strategically placed. The shorts feature ceramic coated Super Fabric? on the hip and side which combining high durability, abrasion resistance, and low friction to protect the skin from rashes in a fall. At the same time, the abrasion resistance of this fabric prevents the pants from breaking in a fall.

Amanda Dahll?f Product Manager POC

Amanda Dahll?f Product Manager POC

AVIP Luminous Vest

AVIP Luminous Vest

“LTP is working with many different fabric producers to be able to provide the best fabric for various applications,” And for POC this is important because they always strive to make the most outstanding products. “We need a production partner that can work with all the different fabrics we want to use in our apparel. At LTP we get feedback on many technical details around the design which is valuable for us. They are not just producing, they are really engaged in the process” Amanda Dahll?f concludes.

POC started their cooperation with LTP group in 2015. “One of the products we made that year was the AVIP Luminous Vest that won Outside Magazine’s award Gear of the Year at Interbike,” Alex Ingildsen says.

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About LTP

LTP is a Danish-owned garment manufacturer for 60+ premium brands within active sportswear, outdoor, athleisure and sustainable fashion. LTP was established in 1991 and is probably the biggest functional garment manufacturer in Europe with bluesign? setups in Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Vietnam. 

LTP consists of two divisions; LTP Garment and LTP Contract Furniture producing in ten fully-owned factories