Fabric in Turkey is getting more advanced and less basic


Hanne Paradiso - LTP representative in Turkey

In spring 2016 LTP Group expanded our fabric sourcing team with Hanne Paradiso who now is acting as LTPs representative in Turkey. Hanne is Danish, but have lived in Izmir in Turkey for the last 25 years.

Hanne is already in the process of helping our sourcing and fashion team with innovative fabric samples for our current fashion customers - and she is among the best.

Hanne explains: "In my 25 years in Turkey, the industry here has been strong on basic fabrics, but we see a trend that fabric production in Turkey is getting more advanced and less basic. Though it is still complicated for minimums and flexibility in Turkey, many fabric suppliers are challenged, and step by step we win more flexibility.”

“In general, there is more focus on different fiber blends, finishes on fabrics and knitting qualities. Turkey used to be a market with a tradition of making more or less only basic sweat, single jersey, in viscose and cotton and elastane blends. Now it seems to develop a good quality level of a much wider span of qualities.”

We are ready to support LTPs customers to develop new collections based on quality and innovative fabrics from Turkey.

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