Mark Webber visit Performance Days April 2016

Development meeting in Vietnam with LTP and Aussie Grit. From left Design Director Cassandra Carey, Founder Mark Webber & CEO Mark Thewlis

Development meeting in Vietnam with LTP and Aussie Grit. From left Design Director Cassandra Carey, Founder Mark Webber & CEO Mark Thewlis

Mark Webber, the world famous former Formula One star, lands at Munich Airport. He grabs a cab and heads towards Performance days at MTC World of Fashion – the place where purchasers of fabrics and premium sport and outdoor designers meet to discover the newest trends.

But what is a nine-time Formula One Grand Prix winner doing at a fabric fair?  To answer that question, we have to add, that Mark Webber is not just a Formula One guy – he is a genuine sports lover and outdoor enthusiast.

Here is what Mark Webber says, as we meet at LTP’s stand at Performance Days.

“I have always been a sport and outdoor man. Since I was a kid, I have been riding a mountain bike back in Australia, and while I was a professional Formula One driver I kept in shape by riding a bike,” Webber explains. ”After I stopped my professional Formula One career, it was natural for me to continue down that path. And now I have decided to design a bike apparel brand. My wardrobe is full of bike, trail running and racing equipment, so I might as well make my own,” he says laughing.

A star visits Vietnam and Lithuania

The dialogue at the stand in Munich is good, and Webber and his team decide to visit LTP in Vietnam. The state of the art factory in Ho Chi Minh City impresses them and a second meeting is arranged.

This time Webber and his team meet LTP’s product development team in Kaunas, Lithuania. The development team specializes in active sportswear and outdoor and has a solid understanding of construction, materials and sewing technology.

Mark Webber is very enthusiastic after the meeting. ” From motorsports, I have a lot of knowledge about functional garment; stitch lines, bonding, taping and so on – but I have never produced clothes before. The development team in Kaunas has given me significant insight and real confidence in a future cooperation.”

In summer 2017 the contract was signed, and the production of Mark Webber's first Aussie Grit collection can begin.

According to Nomeda Kaucikiene, Director at LTP in Vietnam, working with Mark and his dedicated team, has been fantastic. “They are all bike and trail running fans and have been personally involved in all the development steps; checking fabrics, technical characteristics, durability and testing all styles themselves. They pay very high attention to all the small details to get a perfect result,” Nomeda tells. “There have been long working hours, a lot of hard work and many flown miles, but everybody have just been so passionate about the process. It has been a great teamwork in a very inspiring atmosphere.”

Mark Webber also thinks that the Aussie Grit team and LTP have been a perfect match. ”As a new brand with a young design team we needed the advice and experience from a functional garment specialist,” Webber says. ”LTP has the black belt in fabrics, a giant network of suppliers and they are cooperating with a broad range of premium sport and outdoor brands. When we signed the contract, we were convinced that we had found a brilliant partner. And we were right”.

Mark Webber has more than two million followers on social medias, and that network will definitively help Aussie Grit to enter the bike market. “LTP will support him all the way in the process,” Nomeda Kaucikiene says. “It has been a great pleasure working with Mark and his team, and we wish them all the best with the launch of Aussie Grit.”

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