We add value

How we help to build your brand reputation

It takes years and big money to build a strong brand with an outstanding reputation. But it can take only days, hours or even minutes to ruin it. With today’s social media a bad story can spread like a fire in the barn.

In LTP we are deeply aware of our responsibility to build and protect your brand's reputation. So how does our reputation management work?

  • We are in the vanguard of the CSR movement. Read more here

  • We are known for excellence in delivery performance. Not having goods on-time at the market will affect your sales and reputation.
    We have a large internal capacity and great tools to plan and control production.

  • We protect your product quality. Our technicians and constructors are specialized in product groups and know in detail how to prepare designs for mass-production. We are using the same quality system on all factories to keep a high level.

  • Last but not least it's all about attitude. The difference between good and excellent is how far our staff is going to go for your brand value.
    We go far!

All this is just words. But please ask our customers what they think. Their words are defining our reputation.